Badge Awards

There are lots of badges awarded in archery for you to put on your quiver, clothing, or whatever.

Some of the attainable awards for beginners (and onwards) are:

The 252 scheme consists of shooting 3 dozen arrows at increasing distances, full face, 5 zone scoring.
When a score of 252 or more is achieved, a quiver badge is awarded displaying the distance and the legend 252.
These are available at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 yard distances.

Distance (yards)Recurve scoreCompound scoreLongbow scoreBarebow score

For the outdoor Frostbite round (3 dozen arrows, 30m, 80cm face, 10 zone scoring, shot in the winter), we offer awards by score in steps from 200 to 355.

For the indoor Portsmouth round (5 dozen arrows, 20 yards, 60cm face, 10 zone scoring), we offer awards by score in steps from 300 to 600.