Club Records

Clout Records

As the age groups and distances have changed, the club records for juniors have been archived. The current set of club clout records are here.

Target Records

This is a selection of the club target records for some of the more popular rounds. If you would like any more rounds to be included on this page just ask.

Category Archer Score
Men Yarker Paul 802
Men 50 Knight Andrew 637
Men U14 Jones Peter 300
Men U16 Holland Ben 706
Men U18 Daniel Ben 778
Women Henty Valerie 780
Women U16 Dales Catherine 736
Category Archer Score
Men Rush Terry 656
Men 50 Monger Andy 626
Category Archer Score
Men Spink Rod 493
Men 50 Marr Ian 455
Men U16 Hayman Thomas 57
Women Street Kath 232
Category Archer Score
Men U14 Daniel Ben 554
Women U14 Hardesty Dean Jessica 480
Men U16 Daniel Ben 574
Women U16 Taylor Leah 399
Women U12 Hardesty Dean Jessica 434
Men U18 Barrington Robert 500
Women Henty Valerie 570
Men U12 Moore Samuel 390
Men 50 Slater Graham 546
Men Rawson Charles 586
Category Archer Score
Women Fairbrother Carol 466
Men Rawson Charles 552
Men 50 Monger Andy 525
Women 50 Bailey Karen 450
Category Archer Score
Women Street Kath 314
Men 50 Marr Ian 438
Men Spink Rod 470
Women U16 Hardesty Dean Jessica 256
Category Archer Score
Men Rawson Charles 622
Men 50 Knight Andrew 477
Women Henty Valerie 558
Category Archer Score
Men Shaw Ben 415