This page aims to give club members information on what coaching help is available to them and who the clubs coaches are.

Introducing the coaching team
  • Lesley Wallace – Level 2 / Development Coach
  • Sheila Taylor – Level 2 / Development Coach
  • Julian Crump – Level 1 / Session Coach
  • Julian Roberts – Level 1 / Session Coach
  • Andy Monger – Level 2 / Development Coach
  • John Murray – Level 1 / Session Coach
  • Ross Killip – Training for Level 1 / Session Coach
  • Mark Bailey – Training for Level 1 / Session Coach
Contact the coaching team

    Working regularly with a coach can help you to achieve your ambitions as an archer, whatever they may be. Help and support from the club’s coaching team are freely available to all club members: juniors and seniors, novices and experienced, competition archers, and just-for-fun shooters.

    The coaching team caters for all bow types and offers:

    • Monthly Coaching Sundays – A coach is available on the last Sunday of each month from 10am until noon for you to ask us for archery help/advice.
    • Coaching can be tailored specifically to the areas you feel you would like to improve via a shared review of your technique.
    • One-to-one (on request) – A personalised coaching programme with regular planning, practice, and review to help you achieve your personal archery goals.
    • Advice on equipment selection, set-up and tuning is an integral part of our coaching offering.

    To get started just speak to any of the coaching team about your needs. Contact details can be found on the club notice board or use the contact form above.

    “The key to improving your shooting lies in your commitment to spend time adopting and practising the things you have discussed with your coach.”

    The next monthly coaching Sunday will be 16th June 2024 @ 10 – 12 at Allerton Park

    Drills & Skills sessions – are a great way to practice your technique both on the range and at home.

    Archers should bring an exercise band to each session. Each session will start at 10.30.

    SessionThemeSkills & DrillsDate
    1StancePosture – 1-2-3 alignment – Elbow rotation21st April 2024
    2SetSet Hook – Finger release – Set, Set-up2nd June 2024
    3DrawHalf draw – Release motion – 4 Step shot16th June 2024
    4Release1-2-3 release – Body position – 4 Step shot30th June 2024

    If you’ve not used skills & drills before here is an introduction: Feel free to join any or all of the sessions. Beginners and experienced archers are all welcome, we hope to see you there.

    Interested in becoming a coach?

    Coaching is a great way to express your passion for a sport and be actively involved instead of watching from the sidelines.  It is not only exciting and self-satisfying but you can have a positive influence on people’s lifelong involvement in sport.  It will also help to keep you active both mentally and physically. Coaching is essential to help archers develop, enjoy taking part and stay in the sport.  To get started in coaching all you need to be is enthusiastic about archery and the progression of others.

    What does an Archery GB coach do? Coaches are at the heart of archery, and it’s our ambition here at St George’s Archery Club, that all archers should have access to positive coaching experiences that help them progress as they want to in archery. Archery GB’s role in this is to provide an effective learning and development system to support coaches to reach their own goals in coaching archery. Coaches do much more than just teach archery, correct technique and help archers to progress in their sport. Coaches support, encourage, inspire and help archers achieve their true potential. 

    How do I become a coach?

    First of all you can speak to any of the club coaching team who will be able to tell you of their experience and point you to the correct procedure in taking your first steps to coaching. We highly recommend that before and during your coaching course that you get involved with any beginners courses being run in the club, you will gain valuable information as well as becoming confident interacting with learners. AGB have a stepped approach to coaching starting with ‘Session Coach’. Check here for more info This is your starting point and you will engage in sessions both online and in person.

    Coaching Events and Resources

    Archery GB Drills & Skills

    Drills & Skills are a great way to work on aspects of your shooting form that might be causing some problems or you just want to exercise and work on part of your shot. All can be easily done using an exercise band however if you are under medical treatment or care then please check with your doctor before attempting. Should you feel any pain, soreness or stiffness from any of these drills then STOP immediately and seek medical advice.