St George’s Archery Club were in attendance at the North York Moors National Park Visitor Centre at Sutton Bank on Saturday, to take part in an event organised by club member Harry Pearson to mark the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Byland, fought on that site in 1322. The club ran a medieval-themed ‘have-a-go with a longbow’, which proved very successful and raised a nice sum for club funds.

Ian Marr put on a demonstration of how medieval longbows were made, which was of great interest to many of the large crowd present. Ian was also on hand to present a specially-commissioned medieval longbow to guest of honour Adam Bruce on behalf of the NYMNP. Adam is the son of the Earl of Elgin, the head of the Bruce family, and a direct descendant of King Robert the Bruce who defeated Edward II at the battle in 1322. Adam is a member of the Royal Company of Archers, which is the King’s official bodyguard in Scotland, so there is every chance Ian’s bow will be seen in state ceremonial occasions north of the border in the future!

Thank you to Julian and the committee for agreeing to support the event, and to Ian and everyone who volunteered on the day.